Rice Purity Tech

As a disclaimer, the creators of the test do not condone many of these actions, including things that could be seen as sexual harassment, taking advantage of power dynamics, etc. However, these things do happen, and it’s time to see where you stand.

This test is inspired by the Rice Purity Test and Lambda Sigma Delta Purity Test. It is in no way affiliated with these projects.

Check each box next to actions you have done. All technicalities count.

Caution: This is not a bucket list. Completion of all items on this test will likely result in getting fired and blacklisted from the industry.

  1. Worked as a software engineer
  2. Lived in San Francisco
  3. Considered moving to Miami
  4. "Hey I have this billion dollar idea, I need you to program it"
  5. Purchased cryptocurrency
  6. Purchased an NFT
  7. Started a podcast
  8. Listened to your coworker's podcast
  9. Vested stock
  10. Quit your job
  11. Been fired
  12. Been laid off
  13. Practiced Leetcode
  14. Applied to speak at a tech conference
  15. Attended a tech related conference
  16. Have been on-call
  17. Had to handle an on-call incident
  18. Worked on Saturday
  19. Worked on Sunday
  20. Worked on both Saturday and Sunday (no days off)
  21. Deployed a service on AWS
  22. Deployed a service on Azure
  23. Deployed a service on Google Cloud
  24. Deployed a kubernetes cluster
  25. Attended a tech meetup
  26. Used an open source project
  27. Contributed to an open source project
  28. Paid/Donated to an open source project
  29. Copied code and didn't attribute the original creator
  30. Copied code from Stack Overflow
  31. Copied code from GitHub
  32. Received an automated LinkedIn interview request
  33. Received a recruiting email from am*z*n
  34. Applied to work at g**gle
  35. Lied on your resume
  36. Lied on a take home interview project (used ChatGPT, copied solution, etc.)
  37. Hid keywords in your resume to bypass recruiter filters
  38. Lied during a job interview
  39. Reneged on a job offer
  40. Broke your work computer
  41. Broke your work computer so badly they had to send you a new one
  42. Brought down production
  43. Brought down production for longer than an hour
  44. Caused a major security incident
  45. “When I quit tech im going to move to the middle of nowhere”
  46. Applied to y c*mbinator?
  47. Been involved with a HR violation
  48. Reported someone to HR
  49. Been reported to HR
  50. Succeeded in getting a coworker fired
  51. Been harassed at a tech related event (we're sorry this happened)
  52. Visited another country while working and the company wasn’t aware
  53. Worked two full time jobs at the same time
  54. Lied about a reason for missing work
  55. Argued about technology / coding on Twitter
  56. Stolen something from the office (your employer)
  57. Stolen something that is not food from another company’s office (not your employer)
  58. Dated a founder
  59. Matched with a direct coworker on a dating app
  60. Asked a coworker out (non platonically, respectfully and not harassing)
  61. Had sexual intercourse with someone from your company of employment
  62. Had sexual intercourse with someone from your direct team
  63. Had sexual intercourse with your manager
  64. Had a threesome with coworkers
  65. Gone steady with a coworker
  66. Gone steady with your manager (power dynamic kink?)
  67. Had sexual intercourse at your office
  68. Had sexual intercourse at an office (not your employer)
  69. Discussed non-prescription drugs with coworkers
  70. Gone to work hungover
  71. Gone to work drunk
  72. Gone to work high (weed)
  73. Microdosed for work
  74. Gone to work on something harder (non-prescribed)
  75. Got drunk at a work event
  76. Blacked out at a work event
  77. Saw your manager drunk at a work event
  78. Saw your manager do drugs at a work event
  79. Bought non-prescription drugs for higher level management
  80. Been gifted or bought non-prescription drugs from high level management
  81. Farted during a meeting
  82. Farted during a meeting and everyone knew it was you
  83. Masturbated during work hours
  84. Masturbated to the idea of a coworker
  85. Masturbated during a work meeting
  86. Attended a meeting naked
  87. Had sexual intercourse during work hours
  88. Had sexual intercourse with a coworker during work hours
  89. Watched pornographic materials on a work device
  90. Sent nudes using a work device
  91. Sent nudes to coworker
  92. Received nudes from a coworker
  93. Had an on-call incident interrupt sexual intercourse
  94. Ignored an on-call incident for sexual intercourse
  95. Worn a sex toy during work hours
  96. Discussed kinks with coworkers during work hours
  97. Attended a post-tech conference orgy
  98. Attended a house of ill repute with coworkers (strip club included)
  99. Missed work due to a pregnancy scare
  100. Used sexual prowess to gain a career advantage